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“The History” of Golf Cart World


David Smith

I started Golf Cart World way back in 1995 in my small backyard whilst servicing and repairing golf carts for golf courses.

It didn’t take long to have to move to “proper” premises with the workload and I found an unusual demand in a very niche market.

I was constantly asked if Used Golf Carts were available and so decided to start importing them from the US (Oregon) as the dollar at the time was great and there appeared to be a market for them in Sydney as they were very hard to source locally.

I started to get some stock together and people wanted to not only purchase them but also hire them for Events which started the many modifications and conversions required to fill client requests.

I started making 4 seat kits for golf carts and then small utilities and importing the necessary accessories to be able to do this properly.

I then started employing Staff and was lucky enough to get an E-Z-Go Distributorship and the rest is history as they say.

Larger premises and more vehicles to our Fleet of now over 200 Custom or Modified Carts for Events, Concerts and anyone that wanted to hire a cart other than a cart for golf. The reason I decided to not go in this direction was that it appeared the big Importers had the courses covered.

Clients then started to ask for larger utilities and longer vehicles for transporting people, so I started to modify the carts myself.

I then started to get calls for vehicles that were out the ordinary and I started to design vehicles to customers exact specifications.

Some customers could not find exactly what they wanted and so they found us and we made it for them.

Over the years we have had some really difficult requests and to date have been able to manufacture them all.

Click below to see some of the Custom Golf Carts we have manufactured over the years.