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Custom Golf Carts

On the following pages are just some of the strange requests and vehicles we have made.

There are also some carts we have made ourselves just to see if it could be done and to fill client’s constant requests for larger or longer vehicles.


This is our first “tunnel vehicle”.

We were approached by a Company in Brisbane building a road tunnel and they wanted a vehicle to be able to transport workers and gear under the tunnel. Problem was that a standard width golf cart was too wide and they would not be able to turn around at either end so they wanted it narrower and have the ability to drive from either end.

Pictured is the ” TRXV1”

We also had to supply really strange Fire Extinguishers, headlights and work lights.

We ended up having to narrow the transaxle assembly and steered it electrically by joy sticks at either end.

As far as I know it is still being used under the River City Tunnel in Brisbane and has now been in service for over 10 years.

Donor vehicle was an E-Z-GO RXV with electronic braking and automatic Park Brake.


Around the same time there was a lot of Electrical Contractors working in the Sydney Tunnels and this was our next project. Client was happy with driving “sideways” and wanted space for their tools etc.

This vehicle was a lot easier to build as the chassis didn’t need many changes and we ended up doing major work to the steering as well as the operational pedals which were moved to the side of the vehicle.

The donor vehicle was again an E-Z-GO Electric RXV.

This is still in operation and has been for over 10 years with no issues at all.


The word must have been getting around and another client approached us for a much larger vehicle and they insisted on this vehicle being able to be driven from either end.

Again this ended up being quite difficult so we cut and shut 2 x vehicles and used an independent transaxle for the “driven end” so this could be steered and a standard front end at the other so this could be steered.

We fitted a very simple “locking” system and electronics to change from one end to the other and this was the result.

This was in service under Sydney for over 5 years up until the contract was finished and had very few issues considering is very poorly maintained by the users and was given a really hard time in terribly wet and muddy conditions.

Early in 2016 we were approached by a large electrical company wanting a massive electric vehicle for another tunnel project under Sydney City. They requested that we also fit an “invertor” so they could run an electric pump and again they wanted to be able to steer it from both ends.

We looked at alternate ways to do this and came up with steering wheels at both ends and the transaxle in a frame steered through a “slewing” ring or large bearing.

This enabled us to make a much larger chassis to accommodate the gear they wanted to carry and it has been that useful they are about order a second.

There were many challenges in building this massive vehicle and the next one will be better and different again.

Donor vehicle was again an E-Z-GO RXV Electric 48 volt AC motor and controller.

A while ago came a very unusual request from “Fox Sports”.

They asked if it was possible for us to build a “remote controlled” electric vehicle for them to use at Events carrying a very large TV TOUCH SCREEN.

They wanted it to be wired (not wireless) and supply the “remote panel” with a 5 metre lead.

We sat down and thought about if it was possible and the below was born.

The chassis was designed outside and made partially built outside and we designed and manufactured all the electronics, steering and remote control.

The hard thing was the steering and this was done by a linear actuator.

The huge screen actually folds up and down so it can’t be seen and this whole unit is used at Cricket Games and many other Fox Sports Event and has even been seen at last year’s Bathurst 1000 Event.

We do a lot of Custom Builds for Schools and one particular School wanted to know if we could build them a large Electric Utility with its tray to have the ability to tilt so they could tip some loose bark etc out to make their job easier.

We started with a Cushman Titan 48v vehicle and extended the tray and fitted a large linear actuator to tilt the tray.

It was slow but worked very well.

2015 St Johns approached us as to whether there was such a vehicle that was both Petrol and Electric powered and yes there is such a Hybrid made by E-Z-GO. Major modifications were done to the below to enable this vehicle to accommodate driver and passengers as well as a doctor and of course the patient. This beast ended up being nearly 4.5 metres long and was driven by a fuel injected twin cylinder at the rear and a 48 volt DC motor on the Front Axle. Both could be engaged to allow 4 wheel drive and when under petrol power the batteries were being charged as well.

Over the years we have built many unusual vehicles, some of them for St Johns Ambulance where together with St Johns we designed and built them many Electric and Petrol driven Medical Vehicles for transporting patients etc at Events.

One of the Events they did was in 2012 when the Harbour Bridge was closed and I managed to capture this amazing photo.

Over the years we have done a lot of strange vehicles for the City of Sydney to be used in the Chinese New Year Parades in the City of Sydney

Some of the tasks asked of these Electric Vehicles were amazing and the EZGO Cushman Titan did it easily.

One year we had to tow this massive triple axle float.

And another year (Year of The Horse) we were asked to build a massive frame around one of our Electric Utilities and below is the result.

I ended up having to drive it and operate the ability for the Horse to blow smoke out of its nose.

Way too much to do with a two way radio going in my ear as well yelling instructions.


I think it was back in 2011 Grant Denyer from Channel 7’s “SUNRISE” morning TV show program approached us and wanted to know if it was possible to supply a petrol driven golf cart that was capable of at least 60 kph to enable him to drive across the Nullabor Plains to “play” the Longest Golf Course in the World.

Apparently WA has it and it is along the Eyre Highway on the Nullabor Plains.

Due to the satellite link and air time on the morning show they only had a small window of time so the cart had to be able to do at least 300 kilometres a day to get across to the next hole.

This was a difficult one without too many modifications and after a few transaxle mods, larger drive belt and some clutch modifications we got it up to just over 70 kph.

It took a little while to get there and hard to stop quickly but he did it easily.

Grant said that the Road Trains were a huge problem as the drivers knew he was out there but he didn’t see them until they were on top of him.

Many times he was nearly blown off the Highway but survived the long trip.

2011 a large Company asked if we could build them an Electric Train and Carriage to use in their Shopping Centres at Christmas.

Interesting custom job and they thought it came up fantastic.

Room for Santa and up to about 16 kids.

Trailer had Electric Brakes and self-steered.

2009 we were approached by a Cemetery asking us to build an Electric Hearse. They wanted a lot of detail and the “coffin” area was quite long.

I happened to have a “GEM” electric vehicle at the time and these are a very rare front wheel drive which was perfect for extending a tray to the length they wanted.

It was quite interesting having to source the special fittings required to lock the coffin in place. I believe it is still in service somewhere.

Every now and then someone here at Golf Cart World comes up with some “different” ideas for Custom Vehicles.